Thursday, 29 April 2010

OK I think Ive got it to work?

OK the idea was there.
But I think its gonna take a little longer than I thought to have it sussed out.

Any Im Pineappley (real name Angie) and welcome to my blog :-)

The idea behind this is ....well to rabbit like I normally do I suppose? Ill warn you now Im a great waffler. If waffling was an olympic sport well Team GB would have gold medals every time!

Anyway my friend Gill at Foilplay was kinda the inspiration to this, as Im hopefully soon gonna get back to selling for myself but long boring story as to why and why not that is not happening at the moment.

Well lets start at the beginning .. no not Adam & Eve or even the big bang but two weeks (maybe three? I forget time passes so quickly in this household my brain is still in the 80s but my body has been transported to the future)

Gill had this wonderful idea (well wonderful for me not quite so convinced on her part), as I was bored, she would send me the BIGGEST HOOJEST box of craft stuff I had ever seen in one go in a box (apart from all the boxes of "stuff" I have hidden around various part of my house/garage) the idea being I would make up some cards from her stuff for her blog, hence freeing up her time to make / do more serious stuff! LOL
Anyway, she even gave me a posh title of being on her "design team" :O I know thats what I thought too!!

So this past couple of weeks I have slowly been emptying the crammed mass (take it from me when you have a brain as small as mine you have to pack the ideas in tight to make them fit) of ideas out onto actual card.
Im a bit of "rusher" when card making, well at first. I like to get all the ideas out into a "sample" then go back later and perfect
At the moment I don't have a lot of "professional" equipment and most of its scissors and double sided tape with me.

Anyway I think Ill go you must have more interesting things to do than read my ramblings, I think the political debate is on soon ! Hee hee!
thanks for listening or what ever bloggers call it! :-)

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