Thursday, 13 May 2010

My British Invasion Cards

I was quite pleased with the way these cards turned out and though they were only samples for Gill's Foilplay blog they looked great as a collection! (even if I say so myself)
I love all the 60s Stuff MOD/Twiggy and as we, locally, are organising a 60s British invasion night in July and I was making some wall decorations when Gill sent the bits box to me I was really inspired and head was buzzing with ideas.

Hope you like them!

Monday, 10 May 2010

OK 2nd post and some pictures! :O

Hey hey looks liking we cooking with Gas its working! :-D

Hi Im back! been a busy busy week or so with having to sort out with moving my son's school / paperwork/uniform etc etc plus running aroung a bit for other people!
still managed to get some cards done for Gill so that's good.
Have been having a sort out in my garage as unless I encounter a lottery win any time soon moving house will be impossible and I can't live with craft stuff all over my living room floor any longer. so Ive moved some stuff around, mainly a hooooooj pile of stuff for the carboot, which I need to do just as soon as it warms up enough!! *when that will be WHO knows! :/*

anyway Im not gonna attempt to add the nature cards I made last week with Gill's lovely stuff at
(oh and don't roll your eyes if this don't work its taking me a while to fathom out! well being a bear of very little brain thats allowed! ;o)

My butterfly specimin cards made with Dufex foil butterflies and Kanban gold card all available from (check out Gills blog for the details of all the stuff used to make the following cards)

I love designing cards, when I can buy all the right tools I might be a better card maker but for now I just enjoy putting the ideas together!
* reminder must work on my webby soon!

Well seems that wasn't too hard to do!! *raises eyebrows lol* so I might add some more of card designs laters

Night tight for now